AMUs combine resources to accomplish mission

OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb. -- With the deployment of 55th Wing aircraft and Airmen to Lincoln Air Park for the duration of Offutt's runway project, two units have joined together to better accomplish the wing's mission.

The 38th and 45th Aircraft Maintenance Units, both of which maintain various models of the C-135, have consolidated their maintenance efforts.

One example is the Consolidated Supply Section which maintains and issues all tools needed for both unit's maintainers. By joining forces, the 38th and 45th have eliminated the need to man and operate similar functions.

According to Tech. Sgt. William Sack, 38th AMU, the consolidation makes sense.

"Although some aircraft are still flying the 'small engines' and there are differences in the airframes, the majority of 38th's and 45th's equipment is similar," explained Sergeant Sack, assistant noncommissioned officer in charge of the consolidated toolkit program. "The consolidation has streamlined our inventory and here at Lincoln, both AMUs are already working together to maintain and launch each other's aircraft."

Staff Sgt. Jeremy Herrmann, a member of the 45th AMU, agrees.

"(The consolidation) has been good; it has saved on manning and the equipment we've had to transport to Lincoln," Sergeant Herrmann said.

Implementing the consolidated support section at Lincoln is good practice. When the AMUs return to Offutt, they will be relocating into a combined support section in the Bennie Davis Maintenance Facility.