Base newspaper returning to roots


After 11 years in print as The Base: 68113, the base newspaper is returning to its roots Aug. 24, and will once again be known as the Air Pulse.

The name change is just one part of the makeover for the base paper as Suburban Newspapers has invested significant time and money into an overall upgrade.

“There will be more local news, not only from Sarpy County, but also the Omaha area…and expanded coverage of Offutt clubs, departments and social groups,” said Paul Swanson, Suburban Newspapers sales manager. “We hope these changes will help keep readers engaged in the communities that they live and serve in.”

 From the early 1950s until 2007, the base newspaper was known as the Air Pulse and was a product of the base public affairs office.

In 2007, due to operations tempo and decreased manning, the Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs pulled back the requirement for PA offices to create base newspapers. Since then, the majority of stateside PA produced papers has decreased and more contracted newspapers have popped up.

Here at Offutt, Suburban Newspapers stood up The Base: 68113 to fill the void when the Air Pulse went away.

“It was a seamless transition and we did not miss a single edition,” Swanson said.

 “We found that the base personnel and business owners continue to refer to the base paper as the Air Pulse,” Swanson said. “So, we took this an opportunity to re-energize and re-connect with the readers, and introduce the paper to a new generation.”

 The new Air Pulse can be found at more than 60 locations on base as well as online at