Family Ties


The average Air Force Airmen’s journey can lead them around the world and grant them countless opportunities to meet endless people. Along this path there are many stories of camaraderie and even family lineage, a special part of a proud heritage the Air Force has developed over time.

Consequently, every Airman has a unique story worth hearing and not all of them involve fighter jets screaming overhead. Here are the stories of several Airmen whose chapters intertwine over love, occupations, bloodlines and bases.

Master Sgt. Mo’rel Lemon, currently serving as an E4-B National Airborne Operations Center aircrew member, moved to Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, from Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina.  It was at Charleston AFB where Master Sgt. Mo’rel Lemon was supervised by Master Sgt. Natasha Johnson, who is now his sister-in-law.

“I was mentored by Master Sgt. Johnson and encouraged to volunteer for the Job on the National Airborne Operations Center and it has been the best job I have had since I have been in the Air Force,” Master Sgt. Mo’rel Lemon said.

After being at Offutt for a couple of years, Mo’rel got a message from Johnson asking if he would mind showing her sister around Offutt AFB while she is here TDY.

“I was at Offutt for Temporary Duty from Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota and during my visit I met with Mo’rel and we had dinner,” said Master Sgt. Terri Lemon, 55th Wing command post NCOIC. “I wasn’t at Offutt very long before going back, but we kept in contact after I left and I came down for a visit for the Fourth of July weekend.”

It was at this point when Mo’rel and Terri officially became a couple and the road trips between Minot AFB and Offutt AFB became a recurring theme for the four-day weekends and vacation time.

“We dated for a couple of years before getting married,” she added.

They have more in common than just being family and being in the Air Force, it turns out that all three are in the same career field – Command and Control Operations. Mo’rel and Johnson are currently serving as volunteer flyers and Terri is at the 55th Wing Command Post.

“It has been a pleasure to work with my wife and seeing the different aspects of her job and how it relates to what I do on the aircraft,” Mo’rel said. “I also communicate with [Master Sgt. Johnson’s] aircraft as well.”

“It is just amazing how we are all connected through command and control,” he added.

The unique missions at Offutt made it possible for three command and control master sergeants, including a husband, wife and sister combo to serve together at the same base.

“When I first arrived at the 55th Wing, I didn’t realize the complete mission of the E-4B and E-6B and how the wing related to those specific platforms,” Terri said.  “But because my husband and sister are involved in those aircraft, I have come to understand and appreciate their mission as well.”

Johnson was the last to arrive at Offutt AFB and currently has 17 years of service.

“I am finally starting to fly in this career field and I don’t even want to think about retirement,” Johnson said.

With no end in sight for their careers, the family has a new milestone to celebrate. Terri and Morel have just had a little boy and perhaps one day he will follow in the family’s tradition of serving in the world’s greatest Air Force, the enlisted corps, command and control and who knows maybe even a proud resident of Offutt AFB.

 “The odds of all three of us being stationed together again is very slim due to rank and how many bases have multiple command and control platforms available,” Terri said.

Their time together is slowly coming to an end, as Terri and Mo’rel are slated for a permanent change of station.

“…we are very blessed to have had this opportunity to be at the same duty station together,” Johnson said. “Offutt will always be a special place to us.”