American Salad with Diversity Dressing

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  • By 55th Wing
  • Equal Opportunity
Our country was once thought to be a "melting pot," with all different cultures able to assimilate into the American culture. However, for this country to achieve its maximum potential, our thought processes need to change. We should seek to make our society a salad as opposed to a fondue. 

Just as every piece in a salad contributes to the overall taste while maintaining its individual characteristics, everyone has some quality that can be an asset to our country and workplaces. The goal of diversity is to embrace everyone for who they are and to use their differences to benefit an organization, especially one as large as the Air Force.
Currently, the majority of military members are white males. It is important to note the U.S. Census predicts minorities will make up 54 percent of the country's population by 2050. This will also change the look of the Air Force and your work center. 

The National Security Strategy, used for our country's fight against global terrorism, is also more effective when paired with diversity. According to President Bush, the three objectives of this strategy are to defend, preserve and extend the peace. In order to defend the peace, we have to present a united force. By using everyone's differences to our advantage, we can present that united force. 

Preserving the peace is not an easy feat. But by taking advantage of the knowledge that people from different cultures bring with them to America, the task is that much easier. The flow of knowledge is not a one-way trip either. While people from other places bring their knowledge to us, they are also sending the knowledge and hope of democracy and freedom to those they left behind, thus extending the peace. 

So the next time you think your organization needs to change, give some thought to whether your organization is a melting pot or a salad, and how you can help create the change you would like to see. Diversity has the potential to positively influence every facet of an organization. 

If you would like more information about diversity, please contact the Offutt AFB Equal Opportunity office at 294-3709.